Bob Wade collects vintage black and white photo postcards of Tex-Mex, rodeo, or simply "unusual" subjects. These images are cropped and scaled according to Wade's sensibility and enlarged onto photo sensitized fabric. Once stretched, Wade utilizes his academic training as a painter by airbrushing transparent layers of acrylic color over the surface images thus "bringing them to new life" with respect and affection for the original photo. By employing muted tones reminiscent of pre-technicolor movie films Wade achieves a remarkable number of visual effects with his large scale photoworks. Humor and irony also pervades the work.

welcometoaustin_small.jpg bandidos1_small.jpg bandidos2_small.jpg bandidos3_small.jpg
cowboyband_small.jpg cowgirl1_small.jpg cowgirl2_small.jpg cowgirls3_small.jpg
cowgirlonhorseback_small.jpg cowgirls_small.jpg senoriatas_small.jpg twins_small.jpg
cargirl_small.jpg woolyboy_small.jpg cowboyjohnnie_small.jpg horses_small.jpg
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